Our Second Company is made up of dancers in the Trainee Project and SB2.

The Trainee Project is a tuition based program whereas SB2 dancers do not have tuition and are given a small monthly stipend.

As a proving ground for pre-professional training, we select and choreograph distinctive programming and repertoire for them.

Photos will be coming soon.

Amelia Alpren
Lillebeth Backes
Logan Betts
Chloe Boyd
Ming Diller
Izela Espinoza
Mariea Ferraro
Elizabeh Freeze
Taylor Friesen
Lisa Genovese
Patricia Gordan
Erin Hall
Madeleine Holloway
Eleanor Hoover
Jade Janikula
Emilina Jarvis
Abigail McPheeters
Anthony Shtov
Dariah Strickland
Ellie Toop
Briar Vold
Emma Wessel