School of Sacramento Ballet Scholarship Program for young boys grants both partial scholarships and tuition-free dance training for boys enrolled in our Student Division.

Classes and training for young boys are intended to enhance athleticism, motor intelligence, balance, flexibility and strength. Ages 8 –18 enroll each year to study beginning, intermediate, and advanced ballet with distinguished, professional, dancers who serve as teachers and role models, while addressing students’ unique movement and learning styles.

No prior dance experience required. Pre-registration and level placement is required for acceptance in the program. If you are interested, please call School of Sacramento Ballet office at (916) 552 – 5800 ext. 3.

Whether students who join us seek a career in dance, musical theater, figure skating, gymnastics or team sports, everyone enjoys the opportunity to study dance with experienced teachers. Our classes are led by School Director, Mr. Laico and Company Rehearsal Director, Mr. Calka, and Nutcracker Choreographer, Mr. Damon.

We believe in equity, inclusion, diversity and our unwavering commitment to be allies to all who train, study and perform with us.