Our Adult Division offers classes for all dancers ages 18 and up. All Classes are “drop-In” which means there is no commitment!  You can register for a class that interests you and come when you want.  Life happens, School of Sacramento Ballet is working to flex with your schedule.  When you register for an adult class, you have registered for that class for the entirety of the season and won’t need to register again whether you go every week or once a month, you’ll stay registered. When you attend a class, you will sign in at the front desk and THEN you will be charged for the class by the front desk staff.

There is no dress code for our adult classes, but is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement to your body and  and also allows your instructor to see you legs so they have an opportunity to watch and coach.

It is recommended that you DO wear ballet slippers as the dance floors are slippery. You can visit Capezio to purchase shoes and if you tell them your a student here, they should give you a discount!

Can’t wait to see you!


Adult FAQ