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Become a Fanster

Grab your Fanster Pass and join us every month for performances, news and exclusive Sacramento Ballet content!

We invite you to stay involved and help ensure SacBallet endures this world pandemic. We cannot foresee when we will be able to see you in person at our performing venues or on tour.

And we enthusiastically look forward to when it will be safe for our dancers to perform together for you again.

Sacramento Ballet Fanster Pass is just like a Ballet of the Month Club.

Fansters receive the following

  • 10% off a Dance & Fitness class or pass (1 per month)

  • A virtual version of our popular “To the Pointe” Curtain Talk before each ballet

  • Access to one full Sacramento Ballet archival performance video per month

When Sacramento Ballet announces our 2021-22 Season, Fansters can upgrade to a non-virtual season subscription and receive an extra 5% off the subscription rate.

When large-scale gatherings happen, Fansters will receive an invitation to our Thank You Fabulous Fansters Celebration as well as an open rehearsal and moderated Q&A with our artists.

Because of COVID restrictions, we will continue the Fanster program through December 31, 2020.

Fanster Pass

We know everyone in our community has a different situation due to COVID-19. Because of that reality, Fanster Passes are available on a sliding scale.  Please click the level for you below to register:

$25/month YES, I’m a Fanster

$50/month WOW, we’re a Fanster Family

$75/month EXCELLENT! I want to be a Super Fanster

Fanster Friends

$20/month I’m a student/teacher/in the military/veteran, I’d like to take advantage of this special rate.

$10/month this is what I can do right now.

*Fanster Friends receive the same access as Fanster Pass holders. Billing happens on 1st of each month. Thank you!