Student Division

A comprehensive curriculum that challenges students to strengthen technique through a graded syllabus. Students matriculate to the next level at an individual pace as the skill set of each leveled syllabus is attained. It is not uncommon to spend more than 1 year in a level.

  • This division encompasses Intro to Ballet thru Level 6. This division is for students 8 years of age and up (younger students may be admitted with School Principal permission).
    • Intro to Ballet: Technique, Tap
    • Level 1 Ballet: Technique, Tap, Lyrical
    • Level 2 Ballet: Technique, Stretch, Tap, Lyrical
    • Level 3 Ballet: Technique, Pre-Pointe, Stretch, Tap, Lyrical
    • Level 4 Ballet: Technique, Pointe, Stretch, Contemporary, Tap, Lyrical
    • Level 5 Ballet: Technique, Pointe, Contemporary, Rehearsal, Tap, Lyrical
    • Level 6 Ballet: Technique, Pointe,  Contemporary, Rehearsal, Tap, Lyrical


  • Level 7-8 students are required to take five technique classes and 5 pointe classes a week plus Contemporary, Choreography class, Rehearsal, Tap and Lyrical Classes offered.