Class Levels / Placement

Dancer Registration for 2017-2018 Is Open!


Classes begin Monday, August 28th.

To register new students, please complete the Enrollment forms 2017-2018 and deliver them to our studio. Summer office hours to register dancers are Monday-Thursday, 1:00-6:00 p.m.

Any questions regarding enrollment, contact our administrative team at or call (916) 732-3660.

2017-2018 Children’s Division

Review the Children’s Division Schedule here.

Classes are designed to introduce young children to the fundamentals of dance. This division nurtures children’s innate joy of movement and expression while increasing flexibility, strengthening muscles, and introducing the vocabulary of ballet. Dancers complete the year with a Children’s Division Demonstration Performance in our Company’s Fry-Paoletti Stage.

  • Tutu Toddlers (TTT)
  • Creative Movement (CM)
  • Pre-Ballet (Pre)
  • Tap for Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet
  • Beginning Ballet I (BBI)
  • Beginning Ballet II (BBII)
  • Preparatory Ballet (Prep)
  • Tap for Beginning Ballet I, II, Prep

2017-2018 Student Division

Review the entire Student’s Division Schedule here.

This division is for students 8 years of age and up. Students progress at an individual pace through each level following a graded syllabus. Students complete their year with a Student Division Demonstration Performance at a local theater. At the end of the year, the Academy Track, Levels 4-9 (SBYE), will present this year’s full-length ballet, “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”.

  • Intro to Ballet: Technique, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop
  • Levels 1 and 2 Ballet: Technique, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop
  • Level 3 Ballet: Technique, Pre-Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop
  • Flex Track Levels 4, 5, 6: Technique, Pointe, Contemporary, Tap, Character, Jazz, Hip Hop. Flex Track Levels are designed to accommodate the specific needs of students whose extracurricular activities require a less demanding ballet schedule. Students train under the same syllabus as the Academy Track but with a lighter class schedule.
  • Academy Track Levels 4, 5, and 6 Ballet and Sacramento Ballet Youth Ensemble (SBYE) with Levels 7, 8, 9: Technique, Pointe, Modern, Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Character. Recognizing students’ desire for additional class time and pursuit of a college degree or professional career in dance, the Academy Track provides the opportunity for students to train an increased number of hours, five to six days per week, including Saturday rehearsals. The Academy Track and SBYE students expand their technical development and further artistic expression through additional performance opportunities.
  • Sacramento Ballet Youth Ensemble (SBYE): SBYE is the ensemble of students that represent The School of the Sacramento Ballet at Regional Dance America/Pacific (RDA). The ensemble is chosen by an audition process. Dancers include performing members and apprentice Members must exhibit exemplary technique, artistry, attendance and positive attitude.

Boy Classes

Classes for boys offer the opportunity to focus on the athletic side of ballet training. Going beyond the traditional ballet class, boys will concentrate on strengthening, jumps, turns and other aspects of training required for a male dancer.

Pointe Work

Pointe Work begins in Level 4 with the recommendation of teachers and final approval by the School Principal. Pointe shoes may not be sewn or worn without teacher consent of fit. Pointe does not happen automatically with age or level and is based on an assessment by faculty to avoid risk to the dancer.

Level Advancement and Promotion

Advancement through The School of the Sacramento Ballet is based on many factors including a student’s strength, commitment, attendance, maturity, mastery of syllabus at grade level and artistic development as assessed by the teachers and School Principal. A student’s ability to execute the required material is considered above all else, including age. Advancement to the next level may occur at anytime during the semester, but is generally determined at the end of each school year.

Students often study ballet at the same level for a year or two. Because the range of the criteria for promotion is so diverse, it may be two or more years before a student is ready for advancement to the next level of study.

OPEN DIVISION: Drop In Classes Offered to Teens and Adults

Student Open

The student open division allows students to take a drop in class. Based upon availability and evaluation by the School Principal, non-registered students may be allowed to drop into Student Division classes.

Teen/Adult Open

The School of the Sacramento Ballet’s Teen/Adult Open Division class is for students age 14 to adult. Students use artistic expression along with a healthy dose of exercise for both the mind and body to promote better fitness and focus in their day-to-day lives. We offer each class at a drop in rate to accommodate busy schedules – only pay for the classes you attend. All classes are $10 per class. Buy $30 and get one class free for a total of four classes!

  • Teen and Adult Ballet: These ballet technique classes are for teens and adult students with little to no experience or for those who are returning to ballet. Suggested ballet class attire: fitted yoga style clothing or classical ballet attire and ballet shoes.
  • FunFit: A fun functional fitness class for all levels beginning to advance that gets you moving while burning calories and toning. Kenya Runyan a certified Cross Fit trainer and one of our ballet school moms will teach the session. Suggested attire: Yoga style fitness clothing and supportive athletic shoes.