Update: Friends Helping Friends Move!

We’ve Met Our Match!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and contributed to Phase I of improving our new home. Our students, dancers and staff absolutely love it here. We hope our initial improvements make your visits more enjoyable too.

This move would not have been possible without you and the strong support of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission’s Arts & Cultural Facilities Grant Program, funded by the City of Sacramento.

An extra special thank you to:

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Tenant Improvements Status Update

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to host the final productions of the 2015/16 season in our professional studio, selling over 3,400 tickets. The School of the Sacramento Ballet opened its doors for Summer Programming building the skills of over 150 students in the summer. With the increased capacity that our new home offers, the School has been able to expand its annual enrollment capacity and currently has over 410 students. Finally, the administrative staff has settled into their ‘new digs.’ All of us unified under one roof, we are eternally grateful, but we aren’t going to stop here.

What’s next for our new home? Phase II! We want to give our dancers the world class experience that they give us. We want to complete renovations to their dancers’ lounge. We want to provide you with an even greater experience by adding theatrical lighting, as well as new risers and seating. Finally, increased on-site storage capacity is needed. In order to increase our efficiency, we need to invest in increased storage for the Fry-Paoletti Stage and our Wardrobe Department. It is all very exciting!

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Thank you all again for the deeply appreciated help you gave us in Phase I that allowed us to move in and get started so quickly. We look forward to honoring you in our programs and on our walls. We can’t do it without YOU!