Big Day of Giving 2017

May 04, 2017

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It’s not as easy as it looks! Ballet has been ranked as one of the most difficult art forms and athletic feats to master. Our dancers have been training for decades to make it look graceful. Collectively, our company dancers have put in over one million hours, which manifests in the master works we put on stage.

Our dancers get sore, they get tired and, oh yes, they sweat! They don’t give up. They push through and live their dream. Not only that, they participate in and help build our outreach programs.

Join us on the Big Day of Giving to learn about the grit it takes to live a life of grace.

Join the nation. Join the conversation. Follow us to learn about the tips and tricks of #GritAndGrace. If you have any particular questions, ask them in the section below and we will get them answered on the Big Day of Giving!

Photography by: Keith Sutter Photography 

Free Event!

This year we are partnering with Powerhouse Science Center to bring you a live presentation of The Body In Motion. Bringing you a new collaboration of science and art, learn about the physics behind ballet along with its biological and neurological components.

May 4th: 3:30 – 4:30pm
Sacramento Ballet
Studio 2
2420 N Street, Sacramento CA 95816