What 7,000 Yards of Pink Tulle Gets You

Pink Tulle Counter Skirt

This ‘Nutcracker’ home tour in East Sac requires 7,000 feet of pink tulle






This weekend’s Sacred Heart Home Tour included a Nutcracker-themed home, complete with a giant tutu made out of 7,000 yards of pink tulle, wrapping around the home owner’s granite kitchen counter.

Designer Elizabeth Lake had this to say about the design:

“It took 40 hours to do,” Lake said as she tied on more tulle bows. “But it was totally worth it.”

The pink and silver theme fills the kitchen with frosted packages and gleaming goblets. Even the Nutcracker is decked out in pastels as he lords over the Land of Sweets and offers visitors candy and cake.

For Lake, the Sacred Heart tour is personal.

“First of all, this is the start of the holiday season for so many people in Sacramento,” said Lake, who is working on her third tour. “As a child, I went on the tour with my mom; that’s how we got into the holiday spirit.”

Lake jumped at the chance to do a “Nutcracker” house. “My very first thought? How fun will that be!” she recalled. “It totally made sense, and we’ve never had a Nutcracker house on the tour before.”


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